Who we are

GATE Power GmbH Energy Solutions is in the business of providing top-notch energy management services and cooperates with numerous renowned enterprises in this field. We place particular emphasis on the individual needs of our customers as we help them reduce their energy costs with custom-tailored energy solutions. Our track record spanning more than 20 years includes a large number of successfully completed projects that allowed our client enterprises to bring down primary costs. These include major financial service providers, institutional real estate investors, and insurers, as well as charitable organizations and mid-sized enterprises in a variety of sectors. 

This expertise enables our customers to gain a more transparent overview of the managerial tasks associated with complex energy topics, thus allowing them to cope more effectively with the challenges of achieving sustainability. We actively guide you through the market so as to help you implement relevant concepts and take decisions that will enable you to pivot and transform your enterprise in a modern, environmentally friendly direction. Experience has shown that most enterprises are too busy with their day-to-day operations to commit the time and personnel required to come to grips with this crucial issue.

We open the gate to tailor-made energy solutions.

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