Strategic procurement: Category management for energy

  • Bundling the required volumes through centralized procurement
  • Optimizing costs and processes by drawing upon a wide portfolio
  • Ensuring data transparency through central procurement management

Protect your energy procurement resources and expect to see sustained savings. Outsource your procurement of indirect input resources in the energy subcategories of electrical power, natural gas, and district heating to an external provider whose core competence brings them into direct, daily interaction with the European energy markets. This does not mean that you need to give up control on your end: You make the final decision regarding the allocation of your energy volumes in a steering committee. This means you can bundle your volumes and know-how across the entire enterprise, thereby strengthening your purchasing clout on the procurement market. At the same time, you also will be optimizing your purchasing workflow for energy procurement, which now becomes more responsive and agile. This in turn leads to savings, not only in process costs but in procurement prices as well. Your budget will thank you for it!

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